Djinn Stories From Clients

Djinn Stories From Our Clients

 Dear World of Djinn,   

      I purchased a Marid Djinn Ring from you 2 years ago. I had thought about buying it for weeks and it just kept calling me back to your site. After some serious thought I bought it.

      When I received it, I felt its energy in seconds. I waited until the time that you said to do it and followed your instructions to the tee and preformed the conjuration ritual. It was an amazing thing.

      A few days later my husband came home with a man he met at work, they got drunk together at another mate’s house then came home, both very drunk. This man, besides being very drunk, he was also very mean and rude.Throughout the course of the night he became a really arrogant drunk. My husband sneaked off to bed and this man decided that he would go into the bedroom, jump on his back and wake him to get him to drink with him. Well I am a small woman but I tell the bloke to get out and he starts coming at me with force. Well what happened next shocked my husband and really shocked the Drunk.

      I was wearing my Djinn on my right hand and I put my hand up to fend of the Drunk and as soon as he got close enough to come in contact with my hand the man went flying, off his feet into the wall behind him, his head banged against the window sill as he landed on his butt on the floor! He suddenly sobered enough to figure out his head was bleeding and that he had just jettisoned across the entire room.He looked at me and asked how did you do that? What just happened? He jumped straight up off of the floor and ran out of our flat screaming something about witches and devils. He has never been back and my husband still wonders what happened. He does not believe in the like but I know what did it and I am very happy that I had the chance to deal with you guys.

Keep up the good work that you do!

Anwen Skentelbery

Herefordshire England UK




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